If April showers bring May flowers, what does snow bring?

So, the calendar says it’s Spring, but I’m telling you, Mother Nature has lost her mind! Yesterday we had flurries and temps didn’t get over 25 degrees. Today, it’s supposed to be 45 but I don’t think it’s going to get there. And this Friday and Sunday, we have snow in the forecast again. This was supposed to all happen in January (at least by my thinking). I know that this is how Spring begins in Nebraska, and that the payoff is amazing when the flowers start blooming and the grass greens up, but right now it is just ugly. There are signs of life… tiny leaves on the trees, little crocus popping up out of the ground, patches of green grass here and there but mostly, still brown. I know as the weather warms up, it’s a little like me when I wake up in the morning,..stretching, yawning and preparing to roll out of bed and begin my day. This is Spring in Nebraska and I must be patient and wait. I know the payoff of beauty and warmth will be worth it. In the meantime, I will plan my gardens and work on a jigsaw puzzle! Come visit soon! Coffee’s on, cookies are in the oven and the jigsaw puzzle is waiting for you!

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